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What is the Sales Term ?

Digital software purchases are final and cannot be cancelled once delivered. By placing an order to purchase your software, you acknowledge these Sale Terms. Unfortunately we cannot accept returns of digital software, except as required by law and only where the order remains unused, such as placing an order in error or a duplicated order. You have 14 days to tell us you have placed an order in error. Please use the Contact Us page or refer to the support instructions within your order.

If you cannot download or use your order, please make immediate contact using the Contact Us page or through the support instructions witihn the order.

What Is The Extended Download Insurance?

When you order software online, you receive a digital download and a serial code by email. You normally have 30 days from placing the order to download your software, if you need to download again in the future. You can choose to extend this to two years, enabling you to login to your account and find your download, serial code(s) and your original invoice. Ideal if you need to re-install your software, suffer from a system crash or buy a new PC. Simply had to the “My Account” section on this store – or any one of our worldwide stores – to access previous orders.

Why Are Some Prices Dynamic?

If you are based in New Zealand and you see prices in NZD, you may see a different price in your checkout than we advertise in the store. There’s a good reason for this – software suppliers set their prices in USD, GBP and EUR, with NZD and other prices calculated based on the exchange rate and often between USD and NZD. Therefore some prices may be slightly cheaper or more expensive than the advertised price as the prices in the checkout are calculated, on-the-fly, from USD. This does not apply to customers in the EU, UK, US, Canada and Australia.

Can I Ask For A Refund?

We strongly suggest you download and test trial software before placing your order. Trial software is provided to enable you to determine whether it’s applicable for your system and meets your requirements. Once you are happy with your trial software, place an order. Digital downloadable software often cannot be refunded unless the order was placed in error. Activated software cannot be refunded as the code becomes the property of the customer and cannot be resold or reused. If you ordered in error or there is another problem with your order, contact our Merchant directly for a refund.

How Do I Order Software?

Simply select the software you want to order by clicking the “Checkout” button or, where the option exists. When you click “Checkout” you will be taken to your shopping cart, powered by the Merchant, where you can choose a payment option and then receive your download and serial code within few mins (30-60mins), after making your payment.

Why Do I Pay 19% VAT?

Due to European law, anyone in the EU pays the VAT from the originating company. In this instance, as the order process is powered by Cleverbridge, a company located in Germany, German VAT applies across the entire EU, which is currently 19%. If you are a business customer with a valid VAT number, you can receive your order with 0% VAT. Simply enter your VAT ID through the order process. Customers outside the EU also pay 0% VAT. Note that our prices take in to account VAT – the prices you see in the store include VAT for European Union customers. If you are situated outside the EU, prices displayed (US Dollars, Australian Dollars) do not include VAT.

Why Was My Card Declined?

In most instances this will be due to fraud protection from your credit card provider. Although you have protection when you purchase goods, online, through your credit card, your company may decline a large order or an order made through an online store for the first time. If your card is declined, we suggest you speak with your card provider and/or your bank. You can also pay through PayPal, wire transfer or other payment formats.